Tips For Men: Getting Six-Pack Abs After 40

man with absMost men, regardless of age, are confused about what they need to do to get in shape. This is particularly true among older (40+) men looking to get that coveted “shredded” look where their ab muscles are clearly defined and basically fat free. This well defined look is commonly referred to as “having 6-pack abs” or “having a ripped 6 pack”.

Why all the confusion? Well, there have been countless TV infomercials and the like which have tricked guys into thinking that simple by watching some DVDs and jumping around in their living rooms that they can get get all ripped up, so that is definitely a factor. Then there are also tons of ads for different fat burning supplements, and other types of nutritional supplements that promise to assist in weight loss and muscle development. Between the pills, powders, potions and over-hyped exercise programs, there is no wonder why so many are unsure about what it truly takes to get visible abs.

Also, a lot of older guys are still under the impression that they can target the fat on their abs and blast it off by doing sit-up and exercises like that which focus squarely on the abs. If you are still under this impression then I am sorry to break it to you, but exercise programs that are limited to abdominal crunches and sit-ups are not likely to get you the abs that you want. Sure, these exercises can potentially strengthen your core, and you may succeed in tightening your abdomen a bit but don’t count on such a limited type of work out to give you the six-pack that you are after.

Before I go on I should state that I am not a doctor of health professional, that nothing on this website should be taken as medical or health advice (or advice of any kind) and that you should always consult with your doctor or another qualified health professional if you believe you have a health issue. As be sure to consult a doctor before starting or stopping any medication, supplementation regime, diet or exercise plan. With that out of the way let’s continue…

As I see it, the only sure-fire way to get six-pack abs requires a mix of several regimens (that you need to discuss with a doctor before trying). What are these regimes? Here’s a brief overview:

First – You have to cut down on your calorie intake to lose unsightly fat. The idea being to create a caloric deficit that will force your body to burn fat for energy.

Second – You have to eat the right type of food to give you energy for your work-outs, and the nutritional building blocks to develop muscle, particularly in the abdominal region.

Third – You have to get a good deal of intense exercise. If you want to get six-pack abs, you have to work hard for them. Sorry to break it to you, but you will have to spend multiple hours every week doing exercises like cardio training and weight lifting that will boost your metabolism and reduce fat every where on your body, including your abdominal region. Yes, you read that correctly, in order to get a 6 pack you will need to include an aerobic routine to lose weight and fat, and weight training for muscle development.

Finally while it pays to get a personal trainer, especially in the beginning to get you on the right track, this is not necessary if you can’t afford it. While a good trainer can potentially design a program of exercises for you at specifically target your abs the sad truth is that many trainers don’t really know as much as they think they do, and can end up actually up just adding to your confusion. Instead you may want to seek out a “six-pack expert” to help you get all your duck in a row when it comes to your abdominals.